Organic Aloe Vera Juice - (30%)   Soothes and softens skin.  Helps to lock in

moisture, reduce age spots and aids in cell regeneration.  Has little beneficial 

effect however, unless added in significant amounts.  For this reason, aloe vera

ranks first in volume among our ingredients. 


Emu oil - (18%)  We add more Emu oil than water to each jar of "Skin Fix".  

(Other products touting this wonderful ingredient usually add 5-10%.)  Emu

oil is very similar to human skin oil and hypoallergenic.  It is without equal in its

ability to  penetrate skin and as it does, it carries other nutrients in the product with it.


Dermaxyl -  (10%)  Ceramide 2 and peptide combination.  Refines texture and 

helps to repair age-related damage.  Increases skin's capacity to retain water 

and smoothes wrinkles by plumping skin from within. 


Matrixyl 3000 -  (10%)  Powerful combination of two peptides (Palmitoyl

Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) to lift, firm and thicken skin.  

Reduces both wrinkle depth and volume and helps to prevent new wrinkles

from forming.  Very good alternative to retinol and much more gentle to skin.


Shea butter -   Rich in vitamins A, E & F.  Evens out skin tone and improves



Green Tea Extract -  Has 20 times the anti-oxidant effect of vitamin E and well-

documented benefits of ​sun protection.


Organic coconut oil -  Rich in vitamins A, E & F.  Helps to repair skin damage

and strengthen tissue. 


Organic jojoba oil Helps to balance skin's natural oil production and prevent

breakouts.  Contains copper, zinc ​and complex vitamins.


Castor oil -  Reduces age spots.  Contains ricinoleic acid which inhibits many

viruses and bacteria.  Fights acne.  Increases circulation.  







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