"Skin Fix Concentrate" is an extremely effective

moisturizer which provides long-lasting hydration.  

Some skin, however, is so dry and so uncomfortable

it needs additional help.  


To address this, Raisin Face  offers "Skin Fix

Xtreme".  It has the same ingredients as regular

Skin Fix --  the difference is Xtreme contains a higher percentage of beneficial oils (Emu, ceramide, shea

butter, coconut, joboba and castor).  




Some people prefer to use it at night, as it takes slightly

longer to absorb than regular Skin Fix.  (Some users

have stated they don't need to apply any additional cream the next morning.)


Many with older skin report being very happy with Xtreme.

People dealing with certain skin conditions like Eczema may also find that it can help them cut back on steroid creams.  


"Skin Fix Xtreme" is available in the same 1 oz size as

regular "Skin Fix".   It can be purchased for the same low price.



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