After the first application, you'll notice an improvement in the way your skin looks and feels.  Your face will also be happy to know we use no mineral oil or other petroleum products which have no business sitting atop your skin and making exfoliation difficult. 


"Skin Fix Concentrate" is wonderful for sensitive

skin.  It contains no lanolin, parabens, dyes or added scent.  You won't need a separate eye cream, either, as this product is formulated to be used around the eyes and over the throat and decolletage areas.


"Skin Fix Concentrate" was created for people who

are tired of being overcharged for a little jar filled

more than halfway with water which is then combined with petroleum based oils and a tiny amount  of "something beneficial."   Does this sound familiar?

Why are you paying for water?

You'll see why this is called "Skin Fix"  the moment

you smooth it on.  It's loaded with vitamins, peptides,

lipids and essential fatty acids clinically proven to

reduce wrinkles, lighten "age spots", improve elasticity,

firm aging skin, and keep it fully hydrated. 

Other anti-aging products also contain important ingredients, but often at such low concentrations

they don't work.  As stated above, most of these items

contain MORE THAN 50% water .   Raisin Face adds 

just 15% water to each each jar of  "Skin Fix

Concentrate" and "Skin Fix Xtreme". 


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